miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Muñecas Rusas - Russian Dolls



No son lindas???, encontré estas muñequitas Rusas aqui…., La princesa las coloreó, recortó y pegó…… Confieso que las arregle un poquito para que pudieran encajar..!!lol

Isn’t they cute???, I found this Russian dolls here…. My princess colored, cutted and gluing them!! It was fun!!…. I have to tell you, I just fixed a little bit (in the cut) so she can nesting them!!lol

2 comentarios:

about a girl dijo...

Those are super cute! Thanks for the link. I can't believe how big your little princess is getting!

Elle Belles Bows dijo...

Thanks so much for sharing the link. The dolls are so adorable! Kerri

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