lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Montessori Monday

Una excelente semana, super divertida!!… aqui parte de ella!!  // We had an  excellent and fun week!! last week… here part of the action!!….




El tablero de 100 //  100 board


Numero de 11 al 20, organizarlos y componerlos con las cuentas de colores // Numbers from 11 to 20, she placed on order and match the correct amount with colored beads


Idea de “Montessori at Home” el libro, para presentar resta… fue excelente!! le encanto… // Idea from Montessori at home, the book, it’s awesome to introduce Subtraction!!


Paso las cantidades a la libreta // The she write the problems with answers on her notebook.




El Juego del Adjetivo Logico!@!  muy divertido y le encanto!!  The Logical Adjetive Game!! so much fun!!,  she just love it!!


Luego de parear los nombres con los adjetivos, le coloco los simbolos gramaticales y los objetos de los que hablaban…. / After she match the nouns with the adjetives, she put the grammar symbols, and the objects that we talking about!


Partes de la tortuga, pues comenzamos con Los Reptiles.  Turtle parts because we started to study the Reptiles.!



Golfo y Peninsula  …   Gulf and Peninsula


Este rompecabeza tan expectacular me lo presto mi amiguita Jeanette!!! Es hermoso!! aqui trabajamos las formas de agua y tierra estudiados!! con la nomenclatura!! //  This Amazing puzzle, belongs to my dear friend Jeanette!! It’s so beautiful….here we worked with the land and water forms that we learned with the nomenclature!



Siguiendo las instrucciones aqui, comenzamos las extensiones del cuadro de Phytagoras…y entre torres y materiales que encajan…miren terminamos!! lol // Following this instructions, we started with the extensions, and between towers and materials that “fix” to each other… look how we finished!!lol










Combinando todos los cilindros. …/ Mixing all the cylinders!

Gracias x visitarnos, por sus lindos comentarios y Feliz Ensenanza Montessori!! // Thanks for visit us, for your sweets comments and Happy Montessori Teaching!!!


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Discovering Montessori dijo...

Everything looks so fun! I have the logical adjective game on the shelf for my two children. It doesn't look anything like yours. I am going to have to change it now. I love the substraction work. Thank you for sharing.

Leptir (Nataša) dijo...

I love love love your activities and connecting sensorial and mathematics :-)


Lori dijo...

I love seeing the great work you are doing over there. It makes me excited for the next few years as my boys develop into more advanced work. Thank you for being an inspiration! :)

Deb Chitwood dijo...

Wow, what awesome activities, Karen! I love your grammar work, the activity from Montessori at Home, the land and water form work, the sensorial extensions... I'm so glad you link up your amazing work with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

Karen dijo...

DM..Thank you!! I have to make everything looks fun so she can enjoy Language works!!!lol Thank you!!

Thank you Natasha!! That's why I love love so much math materials!! they're magical!!! like my princess said!!!lol make me blush!! thank you!! I'm so glad you like the works!

Deb!! Thank you! I'm soooo glad you like it!! as I told you... coming from the teacher... means A LOT!!! Thank you!! It's an honor you posted on Facebook!!

Big hugs to all of you!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Encantadoras actividades!
Me encantó el cuadro de pitágoras!! Y seguro que me apunto la técnica de la resta! Gracias por compartirlo!!

Deb Chitwood dijo...

I had fun revisiting your posts, Karen! I just updated my Montessori-Inspired Spanish Activities post for Hispanic Heritage Month and added this post and grammar photo to my post at