miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

Montesssori Monday

Por aqui estamos!!… Nuestra semana ha sido, muy buena, aunque tenemos muchas cositas…., estamos trabajando para el dia de Logros y la Graduacion de Kindergarden de mi princesa, y el Concierto de Violin!!…,  entre otras cositas!!lol 

We’re here!! We had a great week at school, and we were very busy with the Big Princess Kindergarden Graduation and her Violin Recital!



Adopte esta idea de un librito para trabajarlo con el juego de estampillas, de mi amiguita Stephanie, en Discovery Days and Montessori Moments, me enanto!  aqui en multiplicacion. //  I just Love this idea from my sweety friend Stephanie from Discovery Days and Montessori  Moments, I prepared the booklet with diferents operationt, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication to work with the Stamp Game.


El Juego de la Serpiente! //  Snake Game




Division Silabica  // syllable division.




Nombres Propios y Comunes // Commun and Proper Nouns



Sustantivos Individuales y Colectivos  //  Individual and Collective Nouns


Femenino y Masculino  // Female and Male Nouns


Mandatos de Lenguaje  // Language Commands


El Juego del Detective  // Dective Game


Este material, consta de muchas piezas  con palabras en Ingles, tiene articulos, nombres, adjetivos, verbos y simbolos gramaticales.  //  I love this material, Word Tiles, 160 pieces of Articles, Nouns, Adjetives and Verbs!  (NOT Montessori colors!)


Aqui ella armo algunas oraciones!!  // She build some sentences.


Ayer, se me ocurrio que podiamos hacer lo mismo en Espanol, asi que prepare unas “tiras” con los colores de montessori, incluyendo, preposicion y adverbio! //  So, yesterday, she want to work with it, but I want she works with Spanish!! so I made my own “homemade” version with Montessori color code!!







Mi asistente oficial!! Preparamos unos ricos pastelitos!! //  We LOVE bake!! she’s working with me, and we made a Delicious Cupcakes!!!

** IN SCIENCE, we still working with Bones!!lol I’ll publish that works next time!!

Gracias x visitarnos, por sus comentarios y Feliz Ensenanza Montessori!! //  Thanks for visit us, for your kind and sweet comments!! and Happy Montessori Teaching!!



6 comentarios:

Olives and Pickles dijo...

Lindos tus nenes. muy trabajadores.Abrazos

Mommy to the Princesses dijo...

What a lovely work week! Love the idea of making your own letter tiles! I could probably involve my daughter in making it! What fun!

My Boys' Teacher dijo...

Great week! I'm really looking forward to the detective adjective game myself. Maybe it will jump start us back into geometry.

So glad you posted!

Karen dijo...

Mis nenas Paty!! Gracias Paty!! gracias x brincar por aqui!

Thanks MTP! I was fun prepared together!! and of course cheap!!lol

MBT Thank you!! I made it too!! Thanks for popping by!!

Deb Chitwood dijo...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful end-of-school-year celebration, Karen! Great activities, as usual! I shared your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow

Gigi dijo...

I cannot believe how big the girls are getting. I had not seen the youngest walking, WOW! I need to get around the blog world more often!
All the works look lovely!