martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Dia de Playa // Summer Day at the Beach!!

Estuvimos en la playa la semana pasada..... (Dios pero de donde ha salido esta calor???!!!!!) a refrescarnos!! y la pasamos super!!  //  Where this temperature came from???!!! It's soooooo hot!!!! and last week we went to the beach!

 La princesa peq. sin problemas con la arena, les cuento les fascino!! //  Baby princess had a Wonderful time with the sand!!
 Las chicas construyeron un castillo! // The girls build a Castle

 Recolectaron tesoros de la playa!! // Collect some beach treasures!

 Y lo decoraron con ellos!! // And decor the Castle with them!!
 Vimos cositas interesantes!! Como este cangrejito!  //  They saw some interesting things!...
 Un erizo  //  And newest!!

 y nuestros pies!!!lol
Espero se refresquen como nosotras!!  Feliz Verano Montessori!! // Hope you have a refreshing time like us too!!  Happy Montessori Summer!!

3 comentarios:

Stephanie dijo...

Awwwww You guys look SO cute! Plus your day looked like so much fun! My girls would love to see the ocean! When I show them these pictures I am sure they will even more! Happy Summer!

Cherine M dijo...

Wow what a beautiful place!! You have such an amazing blog thank you for sharing so much:))

Karen dijo...

Thank you my bloggy friends!! I wish you can visit our beachs!! and of course the island!! where all year long it's summer!! Thanks for popping by like you said!! Big Hugs@@