sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

Thank you Gigi!!!

Gracias Gigi!! estoy haciendo una prueba, me encantó esto , generalmente lo hago en mi tienda, lo aplicaré a nuestra escuelita!!! Gracias por las clases!! lol

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Gigi dijo...

Glad to help with how to make a link!! The little school I worked teaching Spanish did everything by themes. I loved it. For example: everything was red, white and pink for Valentines (the water for transferring, the beads for transferring and craft making, counters, sponges for clean up, etc...). They had some of the same practical life activities every month but with different color items or bowls or trays.

Karen dijo...

Me encanta la idea!! I'm going to do it!!
Thank you!!