domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Montessori Monday

Hoy nuestro post será corto!"!! Les cuento, tuvimos muchas sesiones de Montessori, pero mi princesa trabajó con muchas cositas del pasado post. Así que solamente presentaremos las nuevas actividades!!

Today our post will be [short!!!. We had a lot of Monti sesions, but my princess choose some works that I post last week.... so I will post only the new activites!!

Tuvimos mucha lectura!! Trabajamos mucho una serie de libritos de fonetica que nos regaló una muy querida amiguita!! Los tengo que postear!!
We had a lot of read!! We worked with a fontetic series, a gift from a dear friend!! I have to post about it!!

Le presenté los Teen boards... fue muy divertido pues mientra le presentaba ella se emociona y me dice... [Ah!!! como yo cuento cuando jugamos a las escondidas!!!!!

I presented the Teen boards.... I was very funny, because while I said the numbers, she her faces was like a sunshine!! and she said-..... [I know!!! it´s like my counting when we play to hide!!!

Luego visualizó las cantidades con los beads!! .., les dije que son sus favoritos????
Then she made the quantities with the beads!!! Did I told you that she just love the beads????lol

Rompecabezas en madera.... cantidades con simbolos
Quantities and numbers puzzle

Colocando los numeros en orden.
Numbers order

Trabajamos con otra gaveta del Gabinete Geometrico.
We worked with the Geo Cabinet.

Tambien con los Triangulos Constructivos Azules.... los comandos estan aqui!!
We also worked with the Blue Constructive Triangles... the commands are here!!

Gracias por visitarnos y que tengaun Un Feliz Dia de Actividades Montessori!!!
Thanks for visit us and Happy Monti Teaching!!!!

9 comentarios:

Zonnah dijo...

That is cute she already knew the teens from playing hide and seek :)

Discovering Montessori dijo...

Wonderful montessori week. I guess its fair to say your daughter loves math. Way to go!!

Leptir dijo...

Just stopped to say Hi :-)
Your activities are great and interesting, as always ;-)

♥ meninheira ♥ dijo...

No conocía los teen boards y me encantan! es una idea fantástica :)

Un besiño Karen :* y felicidades (te vi en M. goldmine)

Nicole dijo...

Glad she enjoyed working with the teen boards so much! Thanks also for the reminder that we need to work with our geometric cabinet this week. :)

Mommy Moment dijo...

I love these activities, thank-you so much for linking up to Monday's Montessori Moment.

I wish I had the bead stair and the geometric cabinet - maybe one day!

Have a wonderful week!


The Sunshine Crew dijo...

Nice math work. Thanks for sharing.
We need to get some more math work out and to revisit the tens and teens board and the blue constructive triangles. We just have limited space and have not had those out lately.
Have a great week:)

jojoebi dijo...

great post, I will be linking

Karen dijo...

Thank you all!!! for your comments and kind words!!! I enjoy you like our work!!

Big hugs from PR!!