martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Montessori Monday

Aunque no lo crean todavia hacemos un "poquito" de escuelita aun en las fiestas!!lol Ella quiere hacer escuelita.... Por aqui alguito de lo que hizo...

Believe or Not we still doing a little bit of school!! even on Christmas!!lol She just want to do "la escuelita"!!! A little of her works....

Construyendo con estos palitos que conseguí en la farmacia a $1...son excelentes para motor fino.
Building with this sticks that I found at the pharmacy $1....They are great for fine motor skills.

Figuras mezcladas
Mixed geo shapes
Finalizó el tablero de 100.
She finished the 100 board!!!!
11 al 20 bolitas en el arbol... las encontré aquí.
From 11 to 20 ornaments... from here.
Construyendo #s del 11 al 20 con un jueguito de la serpiente bien elemental!!1 Gracias Jeanette!!! por la idea!

Building #s from 11 to 20 with a great idea that Jeanette gave me!! Thank you!! It{s a very elementary Snake Game. She just love it!! You know what, one day, she just look at the math shelves and nothing interest her.... Is that happend to you??

Thanks for visiting us!! We just LOVE comments!! Enjoy and Happy Montessori Teaching!

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Elle Belles Bows dijo...

The ornament trees are a great and festive learning tool. Thanks for sharing! Kerri

Gigi dijo...

I love the Christmas tree work and building the numbers. Can you explain a little on how this is done?

Leptir dijo...


PS I have a little blog award for you here:

Counting Coconuts dijo...

Wonderful week! Hope all is well with you and your sweet girls! *hugs*

Karen dijo...

Thank you!!

Gigi, I send you an e-mail. I hope it works for you... Here she was boring with the works on the shelves... It's just a Great idea from Jeanette!!lol

Natasha!!! Thank you sooo much!!! You make my day!!

Mari-Ann!! hi... they're just "chulisimas!!!"lol Big hugs to James!!!

Big hugs,