martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Montessori Monday

Estaba pensando que como casi nunca puedo hacer las entradas de Montessori Monday los lunes, le debo llamar Montessori Tuesday???lol….. los lunes realmente son muy interesantes en esta casa!!lol… Bueno aqui va alguito y no voy a escribir mucho…pues tenemos escuelita que hacer!!

I was thinking…..Most of the time I really don’t have too much time on mondays to make this post… What about Montessori Tuesday???lol…noooo, Mondays on our house are very…”interesting” I called them the day to set everything!!… anyway here’s something of our last week… no much to talk just see…… I have school to do!!lol



La familia de los 10!




Aqui en math, ella continua trabajando con las combinaciones sueltas, la tabla de tiras y su pizarrita!!/ Here in math, she still working with the Addition equations, addition strip board and the golden bead material.



Patrones Escalera Marron y Torre Rosada/Brown Stairs and Pink Tower patterns


Mezclando los cilindros/Mixing cylinders


Torres de Cilindros/Cylinders Towers





Presentacion Contrastes/Land and water forms presentation & her work


Termino el libro del pez/ She finished with the fish book!



En lenguaje tuvimos la presentacion del Articulo….muy interesante!!/Here we had the “Nouns Family Presentation”!! So interesting and she like it!!


Haciendo la “nota” para el super!!!/She made the Supermarket list!!! she was so excited!!!

En lenguaje continua leyendo TODOS los libros que te puedas imaginar… posteare de sus favoritos!!/She continues reading EVERYTHING!! you named… books, flyers, papers….what ever she found.!!!lol

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Thank for visit us, for your comments and Happy Montessori Teaching!!! Hugs!!

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Feliz Mamá dijo...

Maravilloso trabajo, felicidades!

My Boys' Teacher dijo...

What a great collection of work! !Buen trabajo!

Discovering Montessori dijo...

I love it!! I especially like your landforms. Your princess has been really working hard. Thank you for sharing.

Leptir dijo...

Happy Easter :-)

Nicole dijo...

I LOVE how you had her made landform cards - I think I will do that with Short Pants. Thanks for the fabulous idea, and thanks for linking to Montessori Monday!

Leptir dijo...

Hi Karen! Adorable blog award is waiting for you :-)
You can check it out here: