lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Tiempo de aprendizaje -- Learning time…



Tuvimos una semana llena de ciencias, matemáticas, Geografía y Geometría!!!   Mi princesa continua con su estudio de características de los organísmos vivos…  --  We had a week full of science, math, geography and geometry! My Princess continues her study of characteristics of living organisms ...


Trabajó con la nomenclatura y decidió que quería hacer un librito….  -- She worked with the nomenclature and decided, wanted to do a booklet ....



Aquí su colección de dibujos y características….  --  Her draw collection and characteristics.



En Matemáticas trabajó con fraccciones!!…   --  worked with fractions on Math…


Nomenclatura….   -  fractions nomenclature


Vi a unos amiguitos trabajando con este material en whatdidwedoallday  y me encantó!!! lo pueden bajar aquí.  -- I saw some buddies working with this material at  whatdidwedoallday and I love it!!!  --  You can find the material here.



Suma y resta reagrupando.


Estuvimos trabajando los contrastes geográficos para eventualmente pasar a los más complicaditos…  -- Here working with Geographical contrasts to eventually move to the most complicated.


Luego los tratamos de identificar en el mapa plano…. --  Then she try to identify some of them on the map!


y después, hizo algunas con plastilina.  --  also, prepared some of the with play’do


Comenzamos con los conceptos básicos en Geometría – We started with Basic concept on Geometry.



Verificando su trabajo… – Verifying her work"!


Trabajando con mandatos de geometría  -  Working with geometric commands.


en Historia, tuvimos la presentación del reloj  -- In history I presented the Clock.


comparando el reloj con fracciones…  --  comparing the clock with fractions ..


Mandatos de Tiempos fundamentales.  -  Fundamental times commands.

Gracias x visitarnos, por sus comentarios  y Feliz Enseñanza Montessori --  Thanks for visit us for your sweets comments and Happy Montessori Teaching.

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My Boys' Teacher dijo...

When did she grow up so much!

I was just filling out a planning chart last night and so much of the work you posted about today was on that chart. Inspiring!

I think when I ring the school bell today I'm going to yell "tiempo de aprendizaje!" I always thought the word "aprendizaje" was a mouthful though :)

Montessori Beginnings dijo...

Wow I can't believe how big our girls are getting! When we started these blogs they were so tiny! I love that after all these years they are still able to do Montessori.

Stephanie @ Discovery Moments dijo...

She looks soo happy to be working on the big works! :) Such a great job! Happy Schooling! Tell the girls we say hi!

Karen dijo...

Thank you Andrea!!! One day I opened my eyes and OMG!! where its my first baby!!!??LOL I cant wait to see your works!!!! and I wish to be there when you yelling in spanish!!!!!

Im soooo happy to heard from you Jennifer!!! and yes I remember when we start our blogs with our [babys[!!!

Thank you Stephanie!!! yes, she is so happy!!! She cant wait to send the girls the package!!!LOL