viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

"Bowls" de Continentes // Continents "Bowls"

Mientras no me sentia bien las pasadas semanas, miren en lo que trabaje..... Mis "Bowls" de los continentes..., (en mi version)!!lol, Se que son 7, pero visualmente no me cuadra mucho, asi que anadi 1 mas sobre Puerto Rico... con los lugares mas importantes, cosas tipicas y asi por el estilo..

While I didn't felt well this last weeks, I work with my Continents Bowls!! (my version), I know they should be 7, but visually I don't like it!! so I added another one for Puerto Rico...with Historical places, traditions... and more. Now I will place 4 in one side, and 4 in the other!!!

The Africa Bowl

It have, places, animals and plants and flowers pictures..... From Montessori for Everyone animals (toys), an Egypt puzzle, and magnets flags... I found those long time ago... in a dollar store with the flags of world a $1 the bag!!!!! with 2 bags for $2 I have the magnets flags of the world!!!!!!!yeyyyyyy
South America

The samething, places, animals, and plants/flower from here !!!
I also have a tipical girl from Colombia (with the colors of the flag), a little cup of Colombian coffee (with the flag) and a Colombia money bill.....(It's not here, but I will post it!!)

I will post the other ones......... I hope you like my bowls!!!!

10 comentarios:

Leptir dijo...

Karen, beautiful!!!
You gave me wonderful idea! Thanks amiga :-)
I've been thinking how could I do continent boxes, and you gave me the answer. So simple and great!!
I'll do something like that for my classroom.

Evelyn dijo...

Eres tan creativa amiguita!!! Y eso que te sentias mal... GRACIAS por compartir tus ideas maravillosas.

Karen dijo...

Leptir!! Thank you!!! Great Spanish!!! I'm glad you like my idea!!!lol
hugs & kisses!!

Evelyn...Gracias, tu sabes mire y mire las cajas, eran muy caras y despues que???? los bowls son mas economicos y despues tienen muchos usos!!lol

Honey dijo...

I LOVE how you've set up your blog. I took about 6 years of Spanish & I'm so forgetful! With the Spanish & then the English I'm brushing up so I can start teaching my kiddos. It's awesome! Thank you so much! And, I'm amazed that I'm remembering so much...then again I could always read & understand better than I could speak or write! :)

gaby dijo...

Buena idea. I may have to copy this for my son. (I found you through Montessori Spanish blog recently).

Sybille dijo...

Great, I really love these boxes!!
Hope you'll be better soon.

Kathy dijo...

This is a great idea. I have
folders, but not all the 3d
items fit inside. This would
solve that problem. Where did
you find the boxes?
BTW I will give you a plug
on my blog...this is great!

Adriana dijo...

Muchas gracias! Me encanta tu blog! No se si te interesa pero vamos a hacer un intercambio de tarjetas postales para que los ninos puedan aprender mas de la geografia. Si quieres una tarjeta de Tejas para tu chiquita, me encantaria mandartela.

Karen dijo...

Hi Kathy!!, thanks for stopping by, the boxes are from Wal-Mart, I think it was $4. e/a. And I so happy that you receive the Award!! I love your blog!! Hugs

Adriana!!! Me encantaria!! y asi le enviamos a tus chicos tarjets de Puerto Rico!!, Hablamos por e-mail, para la direccion!

Gracias y abrazos!!

Anónimo dijo...

Hola me encanta tu Blog , yo soy mamma de tres niños y uno de ellos tiene la sindrome autistica , estoy siempre en busca de material nuevo para el , trabaja muy bien, es muy inteligente ,y ahora que entrara a la primaria estamos trabajado mucho los numeros y las letras me hago fan tuya , eres genial gracias !

Rosanna desde Italia