jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Happy 101

Happy 101
Artsy Mommy from Hand Print and Foot Print Art tagged me on the Happy 101 Award!! So nice!! Thank You Artsy Mommy!!!! Thanks for the Award!!!! Just recently found your blogg and It's so creative and original!! Now, For this award you have to list 10 things that make you happy and tag another 10 people!!
1. Have a conversation with my princess!! that's make me so happy.
2. My lovely husband!! mmmm
3. My Family....not only at home, my mom, my sis, my dad!! (he's so funny)!! etc.
5. Found material, print and laminate!!!! Love it!!
6. Stayin home and homeschooling my princess!!! So Happy and Bless!!
7. Bake!!
8. Scrapbooking!!
9. Cook!!
10. Watching NY Yankees, Steelers, Colts and Heat Games!!!!!!lol
I Tag:
10. Leptir

8 comentarios:

Mari-Ann dijo...

You are just the sweetest blogger I know!! Thank you so much for this award, Karen!
BTW, I love your new header - painting the pink tower... wonderful on so many levels. :)

Big hugs to you!!!

artsy_momma dijo...

Thanks for the kind words! I love how your blog is written in both English and Spanish :)

Leptir dijo...

Thanks Karen!!
Hugs and kisses

Gaby dijo...

Gracias Karen! Que Linda...

Eva dijo...

Thanks so much again Karen you are soo sweet!! :) You have such a wonderful blog, I really need to try out these activities with my daughter!

Karen dijo...

Thank you so much girls!! You know what!!???? You all are inpiration for me!!!

Big big hugs!!

Adriana dijo...

Gracias Karen!! Me encanta leer tu blog tambien!!

♥ meninheira dijo...

Muchas gracias Karen :*

Eres un encanto, perdona por venir tan tarde a recoger mi mimo, pero me voy poniendo al día :)

Muchos besitossss

meni ^-^