jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

Premios // Awards

Thank you to Eva Handmade Beginnings, If you never visited this blog before DO IT!! It's so Crafty and have a lot of great ideas!!. I received your message that you passed this award to me on your blog, thanks a bunch, you're so sweet!!. Before I pass this award on I have to answer the following questions with one-word answers!

1. Where is your cell phone? somewhere
2.Your hair? like always
3. Your mother? my Hero
4. Your father? (I have 2) 1st: In heaven 2nd: The Best
6. Your dream last night? don't remember
7. Your favorite drink? Pina Colada
8. Your dream/goal? Healty Baby
9. What room are you in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? scrapbooking
11. Your fear? Death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here with my kids!
13. Where were you last night? Church
14. Something you aren’t? thin!!!lol
15. Muffins? nop
16. Wish list item? animal puzzle cabinet
17. Where did you grow up? Puerto Rico
18. Last thing you did? shopping
19. What are you wearing? sleepwear
20. Your TV? CSI Las Vegas....sorry...just love it!!
21. Your pets? none
22. Your friends? Lovely
23. Your life? blessing
24. Your mood? Relax
25. Missing someone? nop
26. Vehicle? Toyota
27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? Marshalls
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today...I'm always
31. Last time you cried? Don't remember
32. Your best friend? Mom & Mary (my sis)
33. One place that I go over and over? our school!
34. One person who emails me regularly? Evelyn, Ruty
35. Favorite place to eat? mom's!!!!!

Okay, now I pass this award onto:

Montessori Spanish
2 pequenos traviesos
One Hook Wonder
Counting Coconuts
Montessori Beginnings

Este Blog es dulce como la miel!!! Gracias Natasha de Leptir!! y a Jeanette de Montessori en el Hogar, sus blogs si son dulces como la miel!!
Tengo que enumerar seis cosas que me hacen feliz.....
Dios, Mi esposo, Mi hija, Mi Familia, Homeschooling, Mi embarazo...(desesperada por saber que es!!), Mi hogar, mi casa, just be here!!.
se lo paso a:
This Blog it's sweet as the Honey.... Thank you so much Natasha from Leptir!! for been a sweet Bloggy Friend!! and to Jeanette of Montessori en el Hogar for been so Inspiring.
I love this sweets as Honey blogs!!

5 comentarios:

Montessori Moments dijo...

Thank-you you are so sweet!

Leptir dijo...

Thanks so much Karen!

Karen dijo...

Ohhh Girls you BOTH deserved with a such Over the Top Blogs!!! Thanks for share your wonderful ideas and for been so inspiring!!


Mari-Ann dijo...

Thank you, you sweet girl, you! I loved your list - so fun getting to know people better, isn't it?!

Gigi dijo...

Hola Karen! Estoy un poquito atrasada! I've been so busy with trying to get our home ready for the baby!! Muchísimas gracias por el premio!!