lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Montessori Monday

Ok, este post es muuuuyyy largo!!lol... asi que no voy a hablar mucho.... las fotos hablan por si solas.... Debi haber hecho un post solo de sensorial!!lol pero aqui vamos!!

All right!! this post it's too long!!LOL so I will not talk too much... the pictures are clear and explaind it selfs....!! so here we go!!!

Patrones, estuvo guardado un tiempo, lo saque antier.... y siempre un gusto para ella hacerlos!!
Patterns, It was on the closet for a while, and she always enjoy it!!

El sensory tub que no he podido quitar!!
I just can't change this Sensory tub!!
Extensiones de la Torre Rosada
Pink Tower extensions
Comenzo a crear una culebra
She start to build an Anaconda!!
Estuvo bien larga!!
It was too long!

Luego la torre mas alta del mundo!!lol, por supuesto, cuando no alcanzo mama ayudo!!lol
Then the most tall tower! until she can't continue, but momy helps!!lol
Ahora su verja
Now she wants to buil the fence!!lol
Y comenzo el maraton de las torres...
and then just start the Towers maraton..
La roja
the red one
La amarilla
The yellow one..
Todas juntas!!!.... (les habia dicho que le encantan las torres!!!??)lol
All together!!...(Did I told you that she just love to build towers???!!)lol.

Le fascino la 1era serie rosada.... Ya la esta leyendo!!!!! que emocion!!
She just love the 1st set of the Pink Series..... and she's Almost a reader!!!!, she can read that series!!! I'm so excited and proud!!!
La canasta de la Ee
The Ee Sound Bin
Construyendo la Ee
Building letter Ee

Colocando los animales marinos por areas
Placing the under the sea animals by area.
Acomodando los continentes en este "master" con su nomenclatura.
Placing the continents on the "master" with the nomenclature.

Continua trabajando el rompecabezas de los #s del 6-10, El bead stairs, los small rods, y los numeros de lija repasando orden y cantidades.
She continues working with the #s puzzle from 6-10, The bead stairs, small rods and sand numerals.... practicing the order and quantities.
La primera vez, le doy trabajo de este tipo!!, le encanto pintarlas de acuerdo a las suyas y trazar los #s! Estan aqui.
This it's the first time I gave her this kind of work, she just love to paint the beads and tracing the #s. This worksheets are here.
Muy concentrada trabajando!!..
Too concentrated!!
El Spindle Box, uno de sus favoritos ya lo trabaja super Bien!! GAD
She still working with one of her favorites, and she did it Great!! TG!

Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE COMMENTS!!, AND Happy Monti Teaching!!!!! Beautiful Week!!

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Sandra dijo...

Me encantan vuestros Lunes Montessori, están siempre llenos de ideas. Muchos besos.

Mommy Moment dijo...

What a wonderful post! Thank-you so much for taking the time to post all these great pictures!
My 4 year old loves to do these works too :)


Nicole dijo...

Looks like a great week! Thanks for the link to the bead worksheets; we'll be needing those soon. :)

Gigi dijo...

Karen, I LOVE the picture with all of the towers!!! I can tell how much she enjoys it!
I was thinking yesterday that I wondered how your typical day looks like. How do you present and when, do you have something you do with your daughter before you get started with school (reading or a presentation) or does she just get started on her own. Curious as I think about how our days will look like when we start full-time.

I hope you are feeling good! Thank you for a great post!

Karen dijo...

Gracias Sandra!! Que linda!!, esa es la idea!! compartir nuestras experiencias y que bueno que te gustan!! Un beso!!

Thanks Jody and Nicole, always enjoy your montessori Mondays!! I'm so glad you like mine!! Big Hugs!!

Gigi.. te voy a contestar en e-mail!!! Besos y abrazos!!

Maria dijo...

estoy curiosa de done encuentras tus materiales en español? Por ejemplo, el serie rosada? Estoy especialmente interesada en el gracias por compartir tus ideas...

The Sunshine Crew dijo...

My son was standing by my side while I was reading this lovely post and when he saw the photos, he started to jump up and down and said "Hey, they're doing my work! They doing my work! Then, he danced around and went and got the knobless cylinders and the broad stairs out for his work for tomorrow morning. It is 7 pm here. I told him that we could go to the park and he said that no, he would go only after he got his work out for tomorrow.
He was very inspired and wants to do the same towers in the morning.
What is funny though is that we are supposed to go visit my mom in the morning and so now, we will have to wait so that he can do his work and then go.
Thank you so much for sharing! I love your blog and all of the other Montessori Monday bloggers' blogs.

Karen dijo...

Hola Maria!!, te cuento que mi material en espanol, lo preparo yo, esa serie rosada, son objetos que tiene solo 3 letras y prepare las tarjetitas.... en la seccion de free downloads las puedes bajar, espero te funcionen.... si no tienes objetos, siempre puedes buscar las laminas.

The sunshine Crew... First of all, thanks for stopping by!! so excited we your son was inspired for our pictures!!! Thanks for your kinds comments!! So happy you enjoy our Montessori Monday!!!

The Sunshine Crew dijo...

My sons did the knobelss cylinders extensions and the a broad stairs / pink tower extension today after my little one had seen me reading about these on your blog yesterday. I have posted about it on my blog and have lined to your post here:)
Have a happy weekend,

jojoebi dijo...

what a busy little girl!
I will be linking this week. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.