lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Montessori Monday

Hoy le presenté el tray de triangulos del Gabinete Geométrico,.... le encantó.
Today I presented the triangles tray of the Geometric Cabinet... she just love it!!
Obviamente, rápidito a construir!!
She just want to build things!!!

Colocó los números en orden.
She placed the numbers in order.

Comenzamos a trabajar hoy con los [color beads stairs[, le encantaron las cuentitas!!
We started to work today with the color beads stairs, she just loves the beads!!

Luego las contabamos y las pareabamos con su simbolo.
The she counted the beads and match them with the symbol!!
She finished!!

2 comentarios:

Mari-Ann dijo...

First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL! Your princess is a lovely mix of you and your husband. :) Second, I'd be happy to participate in this! It may take me a couple of weeks to post about it though, hope that's ok!


Karen dijo...

I'm blushing!! You're so sweet!!! Yes she is!! but everybody says she looks like him!!lol.... I will waiting your 5 things!!lol

Big hugs,