lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Material Gratis!! / Free materials!!

Una amiguita me llamó y para darme unas cositas para nuestra escuelita!! Oh Dios, un montón de manipulativos, patrones, 2 libros con sus cuadernos, dinero (de mentira!!) jajaja, unidades, decenas y centenas... a... de todo un poco. E incluyó un paquete de letras en foam con imán al dorso!!! BRUTAL...., luego cuando preparé todo... las letras cupieron perfectamente en la caja del alfabeto movible (de cursivo)!!!! y están brutal..... e aquí mi nuevo alfabeto movible y nuestros manipulativos y cositas para contar!!! Gracias amiguita!!
A dear friend of mine called me, because she have something for our school!! And guess what!!, se bring me all kind of manipulatives, patterns, shapes, units (from 1-100)...... 2 story books with the workbooks, (pre-kinder) ... you named.!!! And to end she gave a box, of foamy letters with magnetic on the back.... when I finished of prepared everything... I try the letters on the cursive alphabet box (I buy before in a sale)!!! and guess what!!! I have our new üsed, movible alphabet!!! I'm so excited!!! YES!!!!

2 comentarios:

Gigi dijo...

That is wonderful! i love those manipulatives!

Sybille dijo...

That's great!
I also received some English material by a friend some weeks ago. It's so nice to know that there are people who think about me :)))

Good playing!