martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

Material Adaptado!! / New Montessori Material

I received my order from ORIENTAL TRAIDING!!, to adapt as Montessori's materials, I received a Geometric Solids as the Blue solids, IT'S the samething!!! just for $12.99!! I received a set of trays (6) for 9.99 and something as the sound boxes!! $19.00. I also received a great game for sensorial, it's looks like the mistery bag, have a lot of wooden pieces on different shapes, and animal forms... , that game includes the tiles for matching with the shapes,!! Just place all the tiles in the bag, choose a shape, then try to find the matching tile by using only your sense of touch. !! You can make a lot of things with this game!! I love it, and it just for $12.99!! What you think?????
Our new geo solids!! (I'm thinking to painting them or not)!!

The sound boxes!

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Gigi dijo...

Wow! This is great Karen. I am going to have to check them out. Another teacher told me this summer she got counting items from there for cheap also!

I had also seen the Geometric Solids for a great price like this at a teacher store, in their catalog not in the store. The teacher stores have catalogs with a million more items than we would find at the actual store.

Something I did not know!
Thank you! Gigi

Karen dijo...

Hi Gigi!! Oriental have a section for Theacher and the have a lot of thing!!!!! great prices, and for you (because you are in the states) they offer free shipping@!! (tienes que estar pendiente para el shipping gratis!!!, lo publican en el baner cuando entras al site!!)

About the other store that you mentioned, The teacher stores, that's the name?? they have a site?

Thank you!!

My Child's Diary dijo...

What a great find indeed! Congratulations!
It is so hard to find such a things here in Israel. Almost impossible. By the way, where did you get your classic Montessori materials? Thanks, Miri

Karen dijo...

Hi Miri!!! Our classic Montessori materials are from Kid Advance.