domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Una nueva experiencia / A whole new experience...

Todo comenzó cuando estabamos trabajando lenguaje, y le presenté un rodillo (pq, de Barbie!!) y ella me preguntó que era y le contesté y le explique para que se utiliza y le dije mamá tiene uno grande, quieres verlo??? SIIIIIiiiiiii!! y cuando lo vio .... Yo quiero hacer una masa!! vamos a hacer pizza!!.... y lo hicimos!!!! sólo la masa... para que tuviera la experiencia. Ella estaba SUPER FELIZ!!! Y amasó y amasó......y amasó!!!lol
When we was working in the language area, I presented her the roller, (it's tiny of Barbie!!) and she was so curious, and want to know what it's? I explained to her what it's and how I use it, and I told her, momi have one, you wanna see a real one??? YYYYeeessss!! and just when she saw it..... I wanna make pizza!!!! and we work on it!!! and she was like the durasel bunny... going and going and going.......!!!lol

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Christie Burnett dijo...

My 18 month old will sit there saying 'roll,roll,' for ages as she works with dough and her rolling pin.

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