viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010


Esto es como un bingo de letras, en realidad es un pareo y practicamos sonidos.... lo vi en Montessori Beginnings, y ella lo bajo de aqui..... hay bellezas para trabajar!!

This it's like a Bingo of letters, well really it's like a letter match and we practice the sounds... I saw it in Montessori Beginnings and recommend this place.... just beautiful thing to work with ...
Fue un dia muy "de letras" lol!!! En Montessori Monday publicare otros que baje.
It was a very "alpha day" lol!! I will post more of these works on my next Montessori Monday.

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Montessori Beginnings dijo...

Your princess is doing so many great works! Thank you for mentioning my blog and I'm glad you found some things on there you liked! I've also found some wonderful links on your blog! I'm still getting the Canada things together for your girl and will let you know when I'm ready to send them!