lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Montessori Monday

Mom it's very focus on the language area... because she's doing great with letters and sounds, and Thanks God, she loves the language shelve!!... She's start with the new Farm, I just love it... they are really blocks, everything! the trees, the barn... blocks, (from Discount school supply too).
She works with the animals, the fence....
and matching the objects-pictures and I gave her the names.... she was excited because she recognize the letters and make the sounds.....was fun.


She was working with her bottoning dressing board....and she said... "I did it!!!" She also repeat some great activities like transfering water with the funel... she do that EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!lol, cutting and some other helping me at the home....oh I just forget, SHE MADE HER BED IN MORNINGS!!!!! (I WILL post it on next MM)!!.

She work with the new mega stackers, .... I put on the basket the oval shape and this one...

by the end she put them on a line... from small to bigger.

I found the beautiful brain teaser on Marshalls, just 2.50 on sale, but I didn't put it on the shelves because it's too much for my princess... when I look, she was trying... I let her and she did a great job.
Just to share with you, I buyed this to work with the cubes, she just was looking it.... (I didn't make any presentation, I didn't say anything,=!!!) and she went to the math shelve find the small rods, a trying each one to find the one who fit on the space and put the little number on the top... OMG.... association!!! nice....

5 comentarios:

Kathy dijo...

Congrats on the new materials!
I love the farm too!
I think it is one of the really
great materials that Montessori
came up with. You can customize
your language materials to match
anything you add to your farm.
I came up with preposition work
using owls (on in around under
etc. places on the farm). If you
have a farm house, you can use it
for placing matching grammar command cards and extending your farm environment...have fun!

Kylie dijo...

wow what a great week and your farm is gorgeous.

Evelyn dijo...

Hola Karen! Que bello tu material nuevo, en especial, la granja!!!

Nicole dijo...

Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday! I really love the little farm and have been thinking of getting one, so it's nice to see yours.

Gigi dijo...

Karen, I love the farm! It is great!