jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Por fin llego!!!!!! / Finally arrived!!!!

I'm soooooo excited!!! Finally I received today our Kid Advance order!!.... We buyed the Botanical cabinet, with 3 puzzles, the color box #1 & #2, The Binomial Cube, The blue triangles, (I'm not so sure.... the correct name, but they was on sale!!) and the pink tower stand!!

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Anónimo dijo...

It always seems like Christmas when I get an order in the mail!

Mari-Ann dijo...

Hooray for Montessori materials!! These look very nice, too. The triangles are called "The Constructive Triangles". :) I ordered the Binomial Cube the other day as well as a few other things - can't wait!! Have fun with your new goodies!

Karen dijo...

Yes girls, it's like Christmas!!lol Mari-Ann, hope yours arrive soon!!! And We received today Jame's Greetings from Bermuda!!! my princess it's soo excited!!! Thanks for make a happy day to my princess!!!

Big Hugs,